With this simple method you can get your first 2 kg in 7 days. WHAT DOES IT CONSIST OF? 1. An email with your diet and a 25-minute training video will arrive in your email every day, first thing in the morning. FOR WHOM IS IT RECOMMENDED? Everyone can do it, even being a beginner, since it is adapted by gradual work intensities, you manage the pace and the loads. DO I NEED MATERIALS? No self-loading, a good option, you can try different potty materials, water bottles, milk boxes, broomsticks, etc. etc. AND THE DIET? Adapted to you, write me an email with your tastes, important to know if you are intolerant or allergic to any food. PRICE: 69.90EUR.


Get to change a bad habit in 6 steps NLP (neuro linguistic programming) and change it for what you want so much, With this 45-minute talk, you will be able to know how the different intuitive mechanisms work, or patterns that lead us to constantly fall into vicious circles, such as smoking, drinking, losing fat, giving up sugar, etc. etc. PRICE: 90 EUR